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Bouma Chiropractic Clinic is the only facility in Indiana County to offer Spinal Decompression with the DRX 9000. Using the DRS™ Protocol, Bouma Chiropractic offers a non-surgical, pain-free treatment option for low back and neck pain. Schedule an appointment with us today to see if this is the best option for your individual treatment option!

Spinal Decompression DRX Therapy

The DRS™ Protocol

The DRS™ Protocol is a non-surgical, drug-free, painless treatment for Low Back Pain & Neck Pain that allows you to keep working and doing the things you enjoy. It has shown to be a very Successful Alternative to Surgery, Drugs and other Pain Management techniques. This is a proprietary protocol, and only practiced by Dr. Lawrence Bouma in this area.

Using the best, cutting edge technology & equipment available to U.S. doctors, Bouma Chiropractic Clinic P.C. is able to offer a new alternative to people suffering from cervical or lumbar pain. Through the use of this protocol and equipment, Dr. Bouma and his team have been able to decompress the disc that have herniation, bulging or degeneration. This allows the nutrient flow to return to the disc to aid in the healing process.

The DRX Process

DRS™ simply stands for: Decompression - Reduction - Stabilization

To break this apart, we start by introducing axial (distractive) force to the injured disc creating negative pressure and ultimately diffusion of nutrients, water and oxygen that are needed to help heal the injury. This process uses a cyclical (or repetitive) decompression of positive/negative pressures that help to reduce the pressure in the disc and retract the herniated core of the disc from the nerves. Finally, we work with our patients - even after the pain is gone - to stabilize the condition making it less likely to return.

This process focuses on the problem at the disc level, where other therapies don't target the problem to aid in healing, they simply temporarily (if at all) relieve some of the pain. Using precise instruments, computers, and computerized belting systems (as pictured above in our office) target that disc for healing - without surgery, pain or drugs!

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Lewis S. Testimonial

   I would recommend this treatment to anyone who thinks surgery is their only option.   

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